You realize,

Don’t you?

That I despise your hating eyes

Don’t you?

I laugh, I’ll stand you

But only to make her feel that it’s alright 


You understand,

Don’t you?

This love I play is fake

With you?

I feel horrid making deceptions,

But not when it’s with you,

Not so much

You know what I’m doing,

Don’t you?

You know I’d rather die…

Than sit here in this room,

with you?

But because it’s for her,

And I

owe her the world,

I’ll do it, and you’ll help me out

Won’t you?

And I do think it’s gone a little far…

Do you believe this game I play?

Because it seems your a little too close to me now…

I’d rather scooch away

And I won’t live if you think it’s true

Because we’re not friends anymore

I won’t deal with broken hearts,

So you…?

You’ll understand?

Won’t you?

You know it’s

Not what it seems…

Don’t you?


I’m warning you now…

Because I don’t care if you cry,

I despise you with every might I’ve got,

But I’ll try…

Because I owe her the world

And you know

Don’t you?

You know

You owe me

You owe me, the world,

Don’t you?