Boy, it's been so long

But look how far we’ve come

I’ve been wishing all along

And the same old song comes on…


Did you ever wish?

Did you ever miss me?

The days we’ve been apart,

Days we’ve been distant…

I couldn’t reach you

But today things change for us

I’ve looked and seeked you

I’ll never have to wait to see that smile

I never forgot about you, Drew

I hope your heart feels the same

Because even if you break my heart,

Tear it to shreds

My heart will stand by you,

I never will forget


I could never tell

When I had to go,

Seemed everything fell

I wanted you to know

That I loved you

Wanted you to know

That I wanted you

It never really mattered, though

I was afraid to show

The things I’d do, to be with you

The list is endless

My wishes are endless

But I'm telling you now

I love you


I just have to know…



Did you forget?