Let’s face it,
It’s all the same.
You want it,
I want it.
I want to be smart.
I want to be cool.
I want to be funny.
I want to write well.
I want to be fun.
I want to be unique.
I want to be liked.
I want to be amazing.
But I’m far from it.
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
I see I’ve got it good.
It’s a full lawn, real lush. Beautiful.
But so many weeds…
While everyone else has perky flowers,
I rain and willow with myself.
They’re smiling, though their life sucks.
Yet me, average, no room to complain,
Can’t go a day without crying.
I want a new lawn.
Better mower.
More energy.
More power.
Though I already know.
Harder I try, harder I fail.
So why do I care?
Seems I can’t feel anything but despair.
Seems I can’t move on, get the grass watered, go.
Seems I can’t be happy with what I’ve got.
And seems, with so many sides,
Beautifully green,
I can’t see mine.