Legs and arms,
Feet and hands,
Limbs sore and waiting for revenge on me

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But it’s the words that cut me deep
Body unmarked
Yet still pain rings through
You were never who I pretended you were
Wished and hoped you could be

I could care less
About my bandages
The blood that comes with suicidal thoughts
When the thoughts turn into actions
When smiles turn into scowls

I need nothing of the sort
I need someone who’d never have the chance to say sorry
I need someone who’d never hurt me in the first place

And my face shows it all
You can tell when you pass me in the hall

Teachers, doctors, peers and any human of the sort
Concerned by my looks of rage
Hidden and forsaken in a world of gloom,
Or swirling through hallucinations of my twisted brain
Nothing’s happened.
I’m completely fine, I say.
No venom been injected in my mind,

What you did…
This time.