He’s not a character in my books

Someone I saw and dreamt up the rest

He’s a boy I’ve met

And I wonder and day dream, and fantasize,

That perhaps the wondering, day dreaming, and fantasizing,

Could end?

Tell me,

Does he think about these things?

Has the boy with the smile,

That makes you feel curious, like a child again

Does the boy with the smile,

Think of me?

Does the boy with the smile,

Smile when he sees me?

Like I do

Like I laugh and so enjoy being with him

My only way to get through the dull day

Hectic day

Day with no meaning

Is the boy with the smile

Thinking about me?

I can’t say for sure

Does he wonder like I do?

What it would be like to-?

Has he ever considered the following?

Does he even think that I’m a decent person?

A friend that he wants to keep?

Like I do

How I want to hold on and never let go

To the childish, playful laugh

Missing and crooked teeth

Does he even notice?

That I’m a girl who thinks of these things?

Who hopes and believes?

Does he realize?

How I feel, looking into his eyes

So happy, like the kid that he is

Joy and excitement surrounding his face

Surrounding his smile

How his laughter is contagious

Never ending,

And I wish it wouldn’t

I could spend my whole day in boring Language Arts,

If only the boy with the smile was there right next to me

If only the boy with the smile,

Could smile

For me?

If I was the cause for his smile,

Like he was mine,

There would be no pause

Just our laughter combined

…If the boy with the smile was mine.