Although I have no published (or finished for that matter) novels, or poem anthologies, here are some beginnings and odd ends of my writing.

Note: All of the links are posts on Although I still have an account, I am no longer on KidPub and will soon switch these links to Figment. Less of my stories are on Figment because Figment is more proffesional, so I clean the up a lot before I feel it's time to post them on Figment. Not many of my stories make it there, so I will leave these links up and add the Figment links in a different section of this page. Thank you!

Katrina, Like the Hurricane (NOVEL)

I am Prey (NOVEL)

Planet Zero (NOVEL)

Nostradmus (BOOK REVIEW)

A Rather Pheobe Story (NOVEL)

Castle Pride (SHORT STORY)

Dear Youngsters (SHORT STORY)

Emily ([disjointed] SHORT STORY)

Invest Write: Portfolio From the Dinner Table (ESSAY)

Lily's Corssing (BOOK REVIEW)


Samuri Evening (NOVEL)

Sarah Emma Edmonds (ESSAY)

Santa vs. The Easter Bunny (SCRIPT)


Speaking (NOVEL)


Want poems? There are too many to link. Visit my contact tab and ask for a link if you'd like to read my poetry, please. But, I will give you the link of ONE poem, mainly because it won Mockingjay's Poetry Contest.

Old Grass



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