February 20, 2012

I wish I could sink beneath the Earth

No one could hear me

Or see my tears

No one to judge if I'm

Really here

Do I exist?

I think therefore I am

If I stopped thinking,

Could I stop worrying?


Could I end this fear?

Could I end knowing what is near?

Could I end the end of this world?

With the tip of my finger?

If I ever needed to...?


Would I be a bodyless spirit?

Floating through the minds of my peers

Could I whsiper into their ears?

I love you, isn't it clear?

You'll do fine, you'll make it out alive

If I managed to do it right this time,

You'll have the life


The Sky Without You

February 20, 2012

You never knew, did you?

That I loved the morning skies and dew

Did you know I loved to write?

That I dreamed of cloudless skies and flight?

Did you ever see my inked and scarred hands?

Smeared like a purple sunset that you wouldn't understand

Did you ever see my eyes light up like the stars?

I remember back then, when the sky was ours.

The clouds were gone, and the sun was high

The day was bright

But you turned on me, and dimmed the lights

The moon doesn't glow.

And the sun doesn...

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What is it?

February 20, 2012

They always say to write what you know

I don't know anything

About middle school

Or boys

Or girls, for that matter

I know about being lonely

Being picked on

"Please be kind to Amy, she needs a friend right now."

It would be so damn funny if you understood that I do need a friend

"What's wrong with you?"

I don't know, you tell me

Why is it that the girls who aren't smart enough for PA,

Who laugh when they do something strange

And make you out to be a weirdo if you the same

And wh...

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Don't you?

February 20, 2012

You realize,

Don’t you?

That I despise your hating eyes

Don’t you?

I laugh, I’ll stand you

But only to make her feel that it’s alright 


You understand,

Don’t you?

This love I play is fake

With you?

I feel horrid making deceptions,

But not when it’s with you,

Not so much

You know what I’m doing,

Don’t you?

You know I’d rather die…

Than sit here in this room,

with you?

But because it’s for her,

And I

owe her the world,

I’ll do it, and you’ll hel...

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February 20, 2012

Boy, it's been so long

But look how far we’ve come

I’ve been wishing all along

And the same old song comes on…


Did you ever wish?

Did you ever miss me?

The days we’ve been apart,

Days we’ve been distant…

I couldn’t reach you

But today things change for us

I’ve looked and seeked you

I’ll never have to wait to see that smile

I never forgot about you, Drew

I hope your heart feels the same

Because even if you break my heart,

Tear it to shreds

My heart will sta...

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The Boy With The Smile

February 20, 2012

He’s not a character in my books

Someone I saw and dreamt up the rest

He’s a boy I’ve met

And I wonder and day dream, and fantasize,

That perhaps the wondering, day dreaming, and fantasizing,

Could end?

Tell me,

Does he think about these things?

Has the boy with the smile,

That makes you feel curious, like a child again

Does the boy with the smile,

Think of me?

Does the boy with the smile,

Smile when he sees me?

Like I do

Like I laugh and so enjoy being with him

My only ...

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Sticks & Stones

February 20, 2012

Legs and arms,
Feet and hands,
Limbs sore and waiting for revenge on me

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But it’s the words that cut me deep
Body unmarked
Yet still pain rings through
You were never who I pretended you were
Wished and hoped you could be

I could care less
About my bandages
The blood that comes with suicidal thoughts
When the thoughts turn into actions
When smiles turn into scowls

I need nothing of the sort
I need someone who’d never have the chance to say ...

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Old Grass

February 20, 2012
Let’s face it,
It’s all the same.
You want it,
I want it.
I want to be smart.
I want to be cool.
I want to be funny.
I want to write well.
I want to be fun.
I want to be unique.
I want to be liked.
I want to be amazing.
But I’m far from it.
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
I see I’ve got it good.
It’s a full lawn, real lush. Beautiful.
But so many weeds…
While everyone else has perky flowers,
I rain and willow with myself.
They’re smiling, though their life sucks.
Yet me, avera...
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